About A Conscious Partner

With an energetic, yet relaxed and comfortable approach, Bruce D., Dr.Gee and Jaggie will explore a vast array of topics that will impact any listener who is interested in developing their self-knowledge and communication skills in an effort to improve their lives and relationships.

Starting with the simple question of “Do I Love Myself?”, the ACP Podcast will take you on an in-depth journey of awareness and self-discovery that mirrors the experience of their live online Zoom events.

Join the hosts as they explore, discuss and analyze all of the many ACP events and programs that have left their members with countless “epiphanies” and “ahas” over the past many years. They will do their best to stay on the topic of the week, but the conversation can go a little sideways at times in this fun and interactive 3-way conversation, with a new episode released weekly on Friday mornings.

Bruce Dougherty is the founder of “A Conscious Partner”, and along with Dr. Gisèle Tennant, and now “Jaggie”, they have developed a comprehensive online program consisting of over 50 events that cover a vast array of personal and relationship topics like:

“Letting Go of the Past”,
“Emotional Triggers”,
“Setting Boundaries”,
“The Power of Forgiveness”,
“Relationship Killers”,
“Why We Cheat”,
“How to Trust Again”,
"Drama Addiction”,
and so many more!

Are you ready to grow?

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